About Me


I have always loved writing from a small child, I love the way words can capture emotions, feelings and physical responses. I have only recently started putting my work out there for people to see and I have now created a blog in order to do this successfully.

I have also begun offering my writing services to customers with great feedback, I have composed articles for websites and blogs, rewritten sales pitches for businesses as well as helping people with their website contents. I am an avid writer and listen to what my clients need in order to for fill their request.

I am interested in building my clientele, find more regular work and receiving good feedback for work completed. With this in mind, I am willing to complete any request and can have this achieved in the time frame required.

Services offered



Article Writing

Blog Posts

Content Writing

Creative Writing

If you wish to see my portfolio of published work please visit http://clippings.me/lizdanielswriter

If you would like to hire me to do any writing for you please contact me on liz@lizdanielswriter.com or visit http://pph.me/lizdaniels


All comments are highly appreciated