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Friday Fictioneers 31 january 2014

Grandad’s View

I always loved working in the workshop, although the work was hard and the hours were long people always laughed and made the most of what they had. It was never an issue to smoke in them days, even the supervisors walked around with a fag hanging out of their mouths. Walking into work at 8AM and being hit by the sweet stale smell from the previous days smoke was almost as comforting as the smell of the woodwork which we worked on, work was never the same again, stupid ban. I tell you lad, Health & Safety gone mad.

Word Count 100

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this weeks ‘Friday Fictioneers’  Take a look and see what you can do :) Highly recommended! 

Liz’s Word Of The Day!

Here is your word of the day, why not try and use the word in a piece of creative writing? link it to this post and let everyone take a look.

chinoiserie [sheen-wah-zuh-ree]


1. a style of ornamentation current chiefly in the 18th century in Europe, characterized by intricate patterns and an extensive use of motifs identified as Chinese.

2. an object decorated in this style or an example of this style: The clock was an interesting chinoiserie.

Liz’s Word Of The Day!

Here is your word of the day, why not try and use the word in a piece of creative writing? link it to this post and let everyone take a look.


[os-ten-tey-shuhs, -tuhn-]


1. characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to  impress others: an ostentatious dresser.
2. (of actions, manner, qualities exhibited, etc.) intended to attract notice: Lady  Bountiful’s ostentatious charity.
“An ostentatious rock on the right finger is fashion’s most fabulous talisman, darling.”

What do you see?

If you were an old person what would you see?

A young and naive person? or would you see me!

If you were a teacher what would you see?

A kid with no prospects? or would you see me!

If you were a business man what would you see?

A yob in a tracksuit? or would you see me!

If you were a social worker what would you see?

Someone messed up? or would you see me!

If you were a police man what would you see?

A homeless person on the streets? or would you see me!

If you were a doctor what would you see?

An alcoholic with pneumonia? or would you see me!

If you are were an undertaker what would you see?

Yet another dead body? or would you see me!

I won’t judge you, if you don’t judge me,

Let’s get to know each other, and see what we see!

Liz’s Word Of The Day!

Here is your word of the day, why not try and use the word in a piece of creative writing? link it to this post and let everyone take a look.

ubiquitous [yoo-bik-wi-tuhs]


Existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time

“With broadband becoming ubiquitous, internet video is the hottest new thing and YouTube is the place to check it out.”

What if you discovered a space-ship in your neighbour’s garage?

What If January Challenge

I have had a dog all my life, in fact I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a dog. Apart from now that is, yes at 60 I found myself alone, no wife and no dog. My dear, dear Sandy died last year and my darling wife Emily died a year before. But I am not one to moan and I know I have a good life, I have a lovely home. Two brilliant kids and five amazing grandkids, they always keep me on my toes. Also I have Rex, who is in fact one of Sandy’s litters, now that was story in itself. We got Sandy from a sheltered dogs home, she was only four and unbeknown to me (or my wife for that fact) pregnant. At the time I was forty and my kids were seventeen and eighteen, Jack was at uni and Emma was still at home with us. Needless to say they were so excited about this fact and mithered and mithered for us to keep one, we tried to make out it wouldn’t be a good idea and told Jack we would keep one for him when he has finished uni. This worked in everyone’s favour as Jack made it his mission to keep good grades at uni because we told him if he didn’t we would have to find another home for the puppy, and it did us a favour as it gave Emily something else to mother apart from Emma who was growing up far too fast for us.


So there we were with Sandy, Rex and two grown-up kids whom soon flew the nest and got lives of their own. Jack took Rex as we promised and now he has a house of his own with a wife and three kids, Emma has a boyfriend to kids. We are all still extremely close and Jack, knowing I miss my long walks in the Moors with Sandy, lets Me be the official dog walker of Rex at least five times a week. We go everywhere together all through the villages and up on the moors, he absolutely loves it and of course being the Border collie that he is he loves to run everywhere chasing things.


This is when the adventures began, because he was on one of the mad runs off his lead one day and decided to chase the lambs in a nearby farm. It was my own fault really, I knew what he was like around the animals but sometimes I just love to see him using his instinctive nature. But today he left the lambs alone and decided to investigate inside the garage at the side of the farmhouse, I wondered where he had gone at first as the door was only open a crack, I followed him in to see what he was growling at. Inside was pretty dark, I could see an outline of a large vehicle which Rex was presently crouching down and growling at. ‘What you growling that boy, it’s only stupid old tractor.’ I whispered as I reached in to pull him away, but as I managed to get hold of his collar a deep rumble started to happen. At this point I was kind of stuck, my body was feeling the cold from the outside winter frost but my head and arm were inside the musty old garage where the rumble was. Rex started barking and in my panic to get myself out of this sticky situation I somehow managed to fall backwards tripping over my own feet and landed in a nearby pile of animal dung. As I regained my composure I  realised I had also flung open the garage door wide, revealing not an old tractor as I had first thought but a huge metal dome with flashing lights and four legs holding it up, Rex was sitting excitedly in front of the roaring machine wagging his tail at my astonished face. I stood up and walked towards him feeling a little frightened of the thing before me, wanting to get Rex and myself away from the gaze of the bright red lights beaming at us. ‘C-c-come on boy, let’s go.’ I stutter reaching down once again for his collar as I keep my eyes fixed on the dome, but as I do Rex trots towards the side of it and stares at the door which I had not seen before. I am still stuck there dumbfounded when Rex looks between me and the door growling and pawing at it, i inch myself forward trying to wave him away but persistent as ever he continues in his quest. In our sudden case of panic I suddenly feel a need to be the protector and stand in between Rex and the door, as I do so he stands on his back legs and pushes his paws into me making me stumble slightly onto the machine. Whatever I fell onto did exactly what Rex wanted it to do as all of a sudden the door lifts open with a suction sound like when you open a freezer door. Before I even have time to realise what is happening Rex jumps in and sits patiently on the far seat wagging his tail, I jump in after him and as I do so he leans forward and with his nose presses a big purple button which closes the door firmly beside me.


I sit staring around me in this black space with lots of buttons and lights which are flickering and bright, this is really weird. Rex is staring at me waiting for me to perform an action which I am not sure what, he looks in between us and I notice a stick. I look at it trying to register where I am and what exactly I am doing here, my mind starts racing with thoughts of logic and reasoning, but let’s face it logic and reasoning is not going to help me here. I am sat in what can only be described as a huge UFO with my son’s dog and no escape route to be seen, that’s it. Its official, I have gone stark raving mad! As this revelation dawns on me Rex gives me a little growl of encouragement to proceed with doing whatever action is needed with this stick before me, well in for a penny, in for a pound. I’m going crazy anyway so I may as well enjoy the ride, I think to myself as I leaned down and wiggle the stick until it clicks into a recognisable position (recognizable to Rex anyway) as Rex perks his head up. All of sudden a big screen slides up in front of us revealing a white picture the size of a dashboard, there is strange creature staring back at us, he is a big, fat balding man sat in a chair, he is just staring at me without saying a word. There is a dog with him, a little Scottie dog, I look at them both and try to think what to say until I hear. ‘Welcome home sir’ but the man’s lips were not moving. My eyes glance at the little Scottie dog who was staring directly at Rex before he proceeded to bow his head, I couldn’t work any of this out and before I had a chance to open my mouth some writing appeared on the screen ‘ENJOY THE RIDE!’


Liz’s Word Of The Day!

Here is your word of the day, why not try and use the word in a piece of creative writing? link it to this post and let everyone take a look.

hyperacusis  hy·per·a·cu·sis
Abnormally acute hearing due to heightened irritability of the sensory neural mechanism.

Trifectra: Week 101

This week Trifectra asks for 33 of your own words inspired by the following picture.


Word Count 33

Damn you Collin for not supporting me. All I asked is two days a week kid free, but no. Instead I’m cramming my studies in a café during my lunch hour. Thanks!

Liz’s Word Of The Day!

Here is your word of the day, why not try and use the word in a piece of creative writing? link it to this post and let everyone take a look



noun, plural fi·du·ci·ar·ies.
1. Law. a person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another

2. Law. of or pertaining to the relation between a fiduciary and his or her principal: a fiduciary capacity; a fiduciary duty.
3. of, based on, or in the nature of trust and confidence, as in public affairs: a fiduciary obligation of government employees.
4. depending on public confidence for value or currency, as fiat money.

Sunday Photo Fiction: January 26th 2014

Well I know it is late but this is my attempt for Sunday Photo Fiction, a 100-200 word photo prompt provided by Al Forbes. Why not take a look over at the other stories posted each week and have a go yourself. Have a bit of fun and see what your mind creates :)

sunday fictioneer


Word Count 170

I still wake up with flashbacks of that day, my grandkids playing at the bottom of the garden near the stream. They loved to fish, they were getting older and at sixteen and seventeen I had started to trust them to enjoy their fishing alone, without being watched by me or their grandfather. I was in the kitchen making tea when I heard them both announce that they had caught something, I could hear their commotion as they ran up to show us there catch. I stood there smiling knowing how proud they would be with themselves but as I turn round to greet them with my biggest full of pride smile, my eyes were met with fear and horror on their fresh faces. My eyes gazed down from there sheet white faces to see the bloody remains of a baby in their arms. The police said it had been in the water over 3 days, I don’t think that image will ever leave me again or my precious innocent grandsons.