Sunday Photo Fiction – 10th August 2014 – The Best Day Of The Year!!

Sunday Photo Fiction challenge is a chance for people to produce a piece of flash fiction, aiming for around 100-200 words based on a selected photo prompt. I hope you enjoy it.

sunday fiction-august-10th-2014

Word Count 232

I love Airshows, the excitement, the rush, the way you can witness some amazing things you probably won’t see again. The people, the food, the drinks, the exhibitions and talks. Yeah, Airshows are the bomb.

I love looking around and having the sense of unity as everyone has their noses to the sky, hands up to shield their eyes from the smouldering sun. The sounds of chatter and music in the distance, both of which you can hardly hear from the whooshing noise of the planes dancing in unison.

The best part about it though, is the fact that it’s free, well free for me anyway. All those lovely bags laying around as the owners watch intently at the sky, the drinks, which are just dying to be drunk whilst their previous owners leave them for a second so they can get a bit closer.

Best time of year for people like me, well what do they expect? Coming for a day out with lots of cash to indulge in gluttony whilst thinking they’re gods gift, going home telling all their mates “it was amazing mate, I saw a Spitfire PR-11 and the Royal Air Force Acrobatic Team and loads more.” Blah blah blah.

All I can say is thanks for showing your support to the sky, and a bigger thanks for showing your support to me. See you all next year!!!

Traditions – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers 21 feb 2014


The bell has been in our family for hundreds of years, it was used by my great grandparents. You see my great granddad worked very hard on the farm but he did worry about his wife when she was pregnant, ‘ring the bell twice if you need me and four times if the baby has come’ he told her. Boy did that tradition stick, it is now 2014 and I am ringing the bell four times as I hold my new born son. With this one silly tradition the bond I feel at that moment it with my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother is overwhelming


Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this weeks ‘Friday Fictioneers’  Take a look and see what you can do :) Highly recommended!

Valentines – Friday Fictioneers

friday fictioneer 14 feb janet-webbs-sangria

I love sitting on my veranda sipping my home-made sangria, trying not to wallow in self-pity ‘yet another Valentine’s Day on my own’. I could fill this entire glass with the sadness and regret I feel, all those wasted years why did I let them go? As I sip its delicious content, I start to remember all the good times we had. As I get half way, I start to remember the bad times that came. Finally as I reached the bottom I was filled with strength at the knowledge that I am not alone, I am free.


Word Count 98



Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this weeks ‘Friday Fictioneers’  Take a look and see what you can do :) Highly recommended! 


Trifecta week 102 – A Love Gone Wrong

This week Trifectra are asking for exactly 33 of your own words about love gone wrong.  But we’re asking that you not use any of the following words:

 love, sad, tears, wept, heart, pain

My eyes are streaming, the banks are burst and I crumble as I hear your feet walk away. I hurt inside more than you know, but we couldn’t go on another day together.


Sunday Photo Fiction 9th February 2014 – A New Dawn, A New Life!

It is time for Sunday Photo Fiction, a 100-200 word photo prompt provided by Al Forbes. Why not take a look over at the other stories posted each week and have a go yourself. Have a bit of fun and see what your mind creates 

sunday fiction-09-february-9th-2014

A new dawn, a new life

Lying here now on the cool, wet grass, looking up at the clouds above sailing by, I feel a sense of peace. I used to come here as a child running and playing with my brothers, it was amazing in the summer. We often used to camp out here on those hot summer nights, and get up early to watch the sun come up as I am now. Only this time I have been awake all night, awake worrying about what will be. My first child was born yesterday, a little boy. Vicky was amazing and took to it like duck to water, but how can I be a dad? I’m only 23 and struggle to look after myself? But sitting here now and seeing this beautiful new dawn, I know that no matter what my fears are I have responsibilities now. I have to look after my little family and do you know what? I shall do it with pride, in fact I’m going to bring him camping here one summer when he’s older!


Sunday Photo Fiction 2nd February 2014 – The Climax 15B6

sunday fiction-02-february-2nd-2014

The Climax 15B6

I have never been to an auction before but after hearing about the sudden death of my hero and mentor Dr James Cash, I knew I had to go and see what the greedy family was auctioning off of his top inventions. The only people you got to see then before where his closest students, how could somebody so close to this dear old man insult him by outing his most famous work, especially when we all knew how ill he was. When it gets to the final invention everyone is on the edge of their seat, this is the invention everybody was here for. The Climax 15B6, which turned sand into gold, took centre stage, the final bid had been reached at a crazy £4.5 million and the gavel slammed down. The winner of The Climax 15B6 came over to apologise for my loss ‘he was a good man’ he said ‘but he never knew his own worth and so would never have used his inventions for what they were best used for’ at that moment I knew he was the one who told the world about my friend and devastated his whole career. Little did he know that in a serial locked chest in my basement lay the real Climax 15B6, which my friend had left me. Karma is a wonderful thing!

 Word Count 224

(slightly over)


This was wrote for this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction. Why not take a look and see what you can do?